We are a community of Christians who adhere to the TIMELESS WISDOM and AUTHENTIC TRADITION of Ancient Christianity.


In today’s world it can be hard to know if the church you step into will stay true to the teachings of Christ and His WordWhen you step into an Orthodox Christian Church you will hear the scriptures in every moment of our services. It is truly Heaven on Earth!



Orthodoxy 101
Here you'll find some great information about who we are and what we believe.
From worship, to bible study, to special events and festivals. This is where you'll find everything you need to know about what's going on, and when.
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Social / Events
Click here to view our special events, weekly classes & special group meetings.
Saint John's Bookstore & Gift Shop features a wide variety of handmade religious goods from all over the world, an incredible collection of Christian books, home goods, and more.
Daily Readings
Here you'll find daily scripture readings, the lives of the saints, and much more.
Confession Prep
Confession is one of the most healing and therapeutic practices of Orthodoxy. Click here to prepare your heart for a healing talk with God.
Prayer Corner
Click here to view our up to date prayer lists. You may also submit names for our clergy and parish community to pray for.






We are a community of Christians seeking FIRST the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness through Worship, Fellowship and Service. We open our doors to you and invite you to come encounter Jesus Christ. Through Holy Tradition we've preserved the fullness of Christian theology, doctrine and worship which promotes a more purposeful walk with God.


Ever feel like you're on the struggle bus barely navigating life? We get it! Who doesn't!? Thankfully we have a Perfect God who loves you in unfathomable ways, and gave us the roadmap to Eternal Life in the Kingdom of Heaven. This roadmap is FREE and yours for the taking! 














As a family we believe in the necessity of enjoying the company of each other through non-worshop activities. Ranging from movie nights to cook outs, to festal parties with food and dancing, to days at the park, and so much more, we believe it's necessary to bond as a family through fellowship!


We have been given the sacred mission to evangelize Warren, to witness the gospel of Christ, and lead all to Salvation by building bridges and connecting peoples of all creeds, colors, classes, and cultures through love and devotion to Jesus Christ!














As Orthodox Christians we regularly gather together for worship. A common expression in Orthodoxy is that we pray before we pray, then we pray, and then we pray after we pray. Because the emphasis on prayer and thanksgiving is so important, worship of and thanksgiving to God is prioritized first and foremost. Join us for Great Vespers every Saturday @ 5:00 PM & Divine Liturgy every Sunday @ 9:30 AM. Can't make it in person for an honorable reason? Check out out livestream!


We’re challenging everyone with the question, "Is God your deepest desire?"

What could that look like for your life if He was?

 Consider this exploration of Orthodox Christianity the start of a journey to make that a reality. Click below to learn more!

  • All are welcome. No Exceptions.
  • All Worship services are in English.
  • The Scripture is heard constantly through all our services. If you love the Word, you'll love praying with us!
  • Our Worship Services are Liturgical in the best way possible.
  • We engage all five senses during worship; Chanting, lighitng candles and using incense is just the beginning. 
  • While all services are open to all, participation in Holy Communion is reserved ONLY for Orthodox Christians who have properly prepared themselves to receive the sacrament.
Great Vespers every Saturday @ 5:00 PM
Divine Liturgy every Sunday @ 9:30 AM
*Divine Liturgy every Wednesday @ 9:30 AM unless otherwise noted
in the weekly bulletin or master monthly calendar
*Be sure to check our schedule of services to ensure service times haven't been adjusted*
Address: 2220 Reeves Road • Warren, OH 44483
Phone: (330) 372-3895