We are a community of Christians seeking FIRST the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness through Worship, Fellowship and Service. We open our doors to you and invite you to come encounter Jesus Christ. Through Holy Tradition we've preserved the fullness of Christian theology, doctrine, and worship which promotes a more purposeful walk with God.


Ever feel like you're on the struggle bus barely navigating life? We get it! Who doesn't!? Thankfully we have a Perfect God who loves you in unfathomable ways, and gave us the roadmap to Eternal Life in the Kingdom of Heaven. This roadmap is FREE and yours for the taking! 














As a family we believe in the necessity of enjoying the company of each other through non-worshop activities. Ranging from movie nights to cook outs, to festal parties with food and dancing, to days at the park, and so much more, we believe it's necessary to bond as a family through fellowship!


We have been given the sacred mission to evangelize Warren, to witness the gospel of Christ, and lead all to Salvation by building bridges and connecting peoples of all creeds, colors, classes, and cultures through love and devotion to Jesus Christ!














As Orthodox Christians we regularly gather together for worship. A common expression in Orthodoxy is that we pray before we pray, then we pray, and then we pray after we pray. Because the emphasis on prayer and thanksgiving is so important, worship of and thanksgiving to God is prioritized first and foremost. Join us for Great Vespers every Saturday @ 5:00 PM & Divine Liturgy every Sunday @ 9:30 AM. Can't make it in person for an honorable reason? Check out out livestream!


In today’s world it can be hard to know if the church you step into will stay true to the teachings of Christ and His Word. When you step into an Orthodox Christian Church you will hear the scriptures in every moment of our services. It is truly Heaven on Earth!

Our intentional life in Christ inspires us to do the following:
To bring all closer to Christ, our Lord, God, and Savior through the Orthodox Faith established by the Apostles over two thousand years ago; To give glory to God in Warren, Ohio. Through our worship, community service and life together as a church family, we attempt to continue Christ’s mission to go and make disciples of all nations. 

We will accomplish this by:

  • The learning and teaching of the Commandments;
  • Inspiring our faithful to spread the fullness of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Faith;
  • Lovingly opening our arms to all who are seeking the Kingdom of God;
  • Inviting all to “come and see”;
  • Being sensitive to the spiritual, physical, and material needs of all, and responding within the areas of our capabilities as a living, vital, and loving Orthodox community; and, finally,
  • Through purification of heart, soul, mind and body, making ourselves true reflections of God’s glory so that Christ and His Church may be seen in us.
Orthodox Church? What is the Orthodox Church?

Almost two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came to earth and founded the Church, through His Apostles and disciples, for the salvation of man. In the years which followed, the Apostles spread the Church and its teachings far; they founded many churches, all united in faith, worship, and the partaking of the Mysteries (or as they are called in the West, the Sacraments) of the Holy Church.

The churches founded by the Apostles themselves include the Patriarchates of Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch, Jerusalem, and Rome. The Church of Constantinople was founded by St. Andrew, the Church of Alexandria by St. Mark, the Church of Antioch by St. Paul, the Church of Jerusalem by Sts. Peter and James, and the Church of Rome by by Sts. Peter and Paul. Those founded in later years through the missionary activity of the first churches were the Churches of Sinai, Russia, Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, and many others.

Each of these churches is independent in administration, but, with the exception of the Church of Rome, which finally separated from the others in the year 1054, all are united in faith, doctrine, Apostolic tradition, sacraments, liturgies, and services. Together they constitute and call themselves the Orthodox Church.

The teachings of the Church are derived from two sources: Holy Scripture, and Sacred Tradition, within which the Scriptures came to be, and within which they are interpreted. As written in the Gospel of St. John, "And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world could not contain the books that should be written" (John 21:20). Much teaching transmitted orally by the Apostles has come down to us in Sacred Tradition.

The word Orthodox literally means right teaching or right worship, being derived from two Greek words: orthos (right) and doxa (teaching or worship). As the enroachments of false teaching and division multiplied in early Chrstian times, threatening to obscure the identity and purity of the Church, the term Orthodox quite logically came to be applied to it. The Orthodox Church carefully guards the truth against all error and schism both to protect its flock and to glorify Christ whose body the Church is.

An astonishing number of religious groups today claim to be the successors of the early Church. A yardstick for truth is needed by which to compare what the Church originally believed and practiced with what these groups proclaim. Certainly we all have the right to believe whatever we choose. But it is also just good sense to be acquainted with the options before we make our final choices.

It is our hope that this outline of our beliefs will help introduce you to the Christianity espoused and instituted by the Apostles of Jesus Christ. This is the yardstick of truth by which our choices in Christianity need to be measured. Click below to access the outline.

Great Vespers every Saturday @ 5:00 PM
Divine Liturgy every Sunday @ 9:30 AM
*Divine Liturgy every Wednesday @ 9:30 AM unless otherwise noted
in the weekly bulletin or master monthly calendar
*Be sure to check our schedule of services to ensure service times haven't been adjusted*
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