Pascha 2021 - 05/02/21

Christ is Risen! Truly He is Risen! Due to Covid-19, Churches were closed for Pascha of 2020. This year more than made up for it! Our choir members sang their hearts out, and the Risen Lord touched all of our hearts. It was joyful; it was radiant; it was Heavenly, Paschal bliss. Glory to God for all things! To hear the magnificent music of Pascha, visit our Facebook page or YouTube page

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Baptism of Zoƫ Anastasia - 07/15/20

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Father Brian's First Sunday - 05/24/20

Christ is Risen! It was a small but pious crowd at Saint John's due to Covid-19 restrictions, but that didn't stop us from warmly welcoming our new priest, Father Brian Crivella! Today was his very first Divine Liturgy served with us, and he did a great job! We're looking forward to getting to know him and supporting him in his first parish assignment as a new priest! Christ is Risen!

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Father Jonathan's Last Sunday - 05/17/20

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Icon Installation 2019

Icon Installation 2020

Ivan installed the new Icons in the forwardmost center ceiling section of the Church.

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The Wedding of John & Susanna - 01/05/20

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Christianity & the Black Experience - 12/08/19

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The Wedding of David & Moriah - 09/15/19

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The Wedding of Andrew & Lauren - 08/18/19

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The Wedding of Alex & Olivia - 07/28/19

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Church Picnic at Howland Park - 06/30/19

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Pascha 2019 - 04/28/19

Christ is Risen! In Truth He is Risen!

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Dinner & A Movie 2019

Great Evening of Fellowship enjoying the Movie The Island (Rus., Ostrov)

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"Lights on the Mountain" book launch party! - 11/17/18

We were blessed to host the official launch part for the new novel, “Lights on the Mountain,” by Cheryl Anne Tuggle! Fun was had by all.

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Sausage Making - 10/01/18

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The Wedding of Matthew & Kara - 07/01/17

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The Paschal Service begins with the Midnight Office (and the sharing of the First Light); then the procession follows concluding at the doors of the Church and proceeding with the Paschal Verses and the beginning of Paschal Matins.  During Matins the Catechetical Sermon of St. John Chrysostom is read with everyone standing attentively, and we then serve the Divine Liturgy of Pascha.  Christ is risen!  Indeed He is risen!

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Declan Brown's Baptism

Declan Brown's Baptism

Baptism of Declan Brown. God grant him Many Years!

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2015 Bishop Paul Visit

2015 Bishop Paul Visit - 09/27/15

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2015 Dave & Judy Chrismation

2015 David & Judy Chrismation - 09/12/15

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2014 Caroling

2014 Christmas Caroling - 12/27/14

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2014 Yolka

2014 Yolka - 12/21/14

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Youth Group Meeting & Tacos!

Youth Group - 11/13/14

The youth group decided to make Tacos before their meeting!

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Cherie Davison Baptism

Cherie Davison Baptism - 11/15/14

Welcome to our Parish. God Grant you Many Years!

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2014 Pascha Food Baskets

2014 Pascha Food Baskets - 04/13/14

Members of the Youth Group make up Food Baskets given out by the parish for Pascha

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2014 Orthodoxy Sunday

2014 Orthodoxy Sunday - 03/09/14

Warren Pan Orthodox Service on Orthodoxy Sunday

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2013 Caroling

2013 Caroling - 12/29/13

The Choir visted 2 families and two parishioners in rest homes this year.

Christ is Born! Glorify Him!

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Pfitzinger Family Chrismation

Pfitzinger Family Chrismation - 12/24/13

The Pfitzinger Family was Chrismated on Chrismas Eve 2013. God Grant you Many Years!

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2013 Sausage Making

2013 Sausage Making - 11/15/13

We made 1200 pounds of sausage to sell. We do this twice a year, once before the Nativity and once after Pascha.

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John Michael Niemi Baptism

John Michael Baptism - 10/27/13

John Michael Niemi was baptised at St John on October 27, 2013. John Michael DiGiacobbe and Susanna Malacky were the god parents.

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2013 New Plant Beds

New Plant Beds - 10/12/13

We put in new plant beds on the west side of the Church. Replaceing the plants and mulch with new plants and Red River Rock.

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2012 Christmas Caroling

2012 Christmas Caroling - 12/29/12

The Choir visited parishioners to celebrate the Nativity of our Lord!

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